Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Number of abercombie and fitch shirts seen on French men today: 5

Today my methodology teacher professed his love for Obama. Again. He discussed how "bah, oui! I'm somewhat homo-erotically in love with Obama. Who isn't? Look at him!" It was quite hilarious. Everyday we talk about Obama and how beautiful he is. We also briefly discussed how unattractive and short Sarkozy is.

Yesterday I got my Sciences Po student card! whooo hooo! What does that card entitle me to, you ask? Nothing! You get to pay 200 Euros, fill out a social security form, bring a copy of your passport and visa, take ID pictures (no smiling!) and wait in line for 45 minutes. Then you get a bootleg looking student card.

At GW your ID card is very important, it gets you into dorms, the gym, it gets you food, and it gets you into the library. I am still unsure as to what my sciences po card gets me. They don't ask for it at the library and you don't have to show ID at the cafeteria. Also, I entered my birthday day the American way so my birthday is forever August 10th, 1988 to Sciences Po. Oh well!

There are literally 20 different kinds of Activia yogurt here. I guess the French like their fiber! Anyway, on top of those 20 kinds of yogurt there are about 50 other kinds of yogurt you can choose. So, I'm standing trying to decipher which kind of peach yogurt is better, when this adorable old french woman comes and asks me if I can reach the yogurt on the top shelf for her. I grab it and she goes "oh, no the one next to it" even though they are exactly the same. Then she asks me to read the expiration date because "the expiration date is very important, you don't want to waste your money." We then proceeded to talk about expiration dates some more. It was so cute!

Cafeteria meals here are so much better than in the U.S. I had an amazing chocolate tart from the school one today, and last night Nina and I had a gigantic meal of bread, cheese, salad, corn/bean salad, peaches, and a puff pastry filled with meat. It was so good! And only 4.90 euros! I must say, there are more student discounts here. Although, I'm starting to understand why the cost of living here is so much higher; the minimum wage is 8.70 EUROS. OH my god! It's $7.25 in the U.S.!

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