Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The last two days have been a whirlwind. Doing anything in France, so far, is exhausting. Everything is just different, whether it is buying a phone, registering for classes, or looking for something specific n a grocery store (such as silverware.)

Registering for classes was awful. At first, it wouldn't let me register for English classes because I wasn't at the "correct language level." So I signed up for a French class because the system thought my French was better than English (ha) and then rushed over to Sciences Po with some other GW kids to try to get it straighten out. Initially, they told us to take an English language test, which i flatly refused because a. it's my "mother tongue" and b. I would probably fail an English grammar test and then not be able to stay at the Sciences Po!

After they explained how we could register, stuff they should have told us earlier, I am signed up for three classes. Now I have to write to people at the Sciences Po to explain why I need three specific other classes (which are closed) in order to graduate from my university in America. Hopefully it will all work out!

Today I woke up with a migraine, so I didn't go to my two classes, but I heard they were pretty straightforward and that the teachers were nice.

I finally got a cell phone! It was sort of difficult because the phone belonged to Molly who was in France last year, so they were suspicious as to why I had her phone, but I explained the situation and they were able to give me a new number and sim card with ten minutes on it for 20 Euros.

Tonight there's a party for International Students at some club called "Le Wagg" that's sponsored by the Sciences Po. It probably won't be that great, but I'm still going with the GW kids.

It all seems to boring so far! I haven't had time to go out and do anything because all my time has been taken up by errands which take me twice as long here. Although, i was at Notre Dame when the sun set yesterday, and it was quite beautiful.


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