Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am no longer homeless in Paris! Hooray! I live in an adorable studio in the 9th, around the corner from the Cadet metro stop on the pink seven line. Although it's a studio, it has a kitchen and a bathroom, and the living room/bedroom is big enough that it doesn't feel cramped. It's also really sunny which I like. The only bad thing is I'm on the 5th (6th in the U.S.) floor and there is no elevator. And of course it's a winding steep staircase. As my landlord says "it's good for the legs!"

I went shopping at BHV for my apartment yesterday. Think IKEA, Home Depot, Office Max, and a department store all rolled into one. I could have bought the entire store. They had the cutest kitchen utensils. And really bright modern vacuums. There was also a huge selection of espresso machines. Basically, domestic heaven.

My favorite purchase had to be my school supplies. Europe has the best school supplies. Even when I was little I would get excited when I could get school supplies from Europe. The U.S. needs to get it together, they're lacking in that respect.

I sat across from a dog on the Metro yesterday. He was very well behaved, and the train was pretty empty, but I still found it hilarious that he was sitting on a seat. Oh, France. It better than the time I was on the El and the man across from me had a snake...

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