Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanksgivig, The Store.

Yesterday I'm walking down a teeny tiny street in the Marais and from far away I see the word "Thanksgiving." I literally ran across the street to see what this mystical store sold and guess what?! It sells American processed food! It's basically like walking into the crappy section of a grocery store that has all the canned stuff, but it's cool here because it's American and sort of retro. Naturally, I wanted to buy the Quaker oats, bagels, cream cheese, goldfish, etc. Then I looked at the price...How does 4.50 euro for Campbell's soup sound? 7.50 euro for Nestle chocolate chips? How about 9 euros for some peanut butter?

It was hilarious though because everyone in the store was French except for my Australian friend and I, so I kept being like "seriously, this is like 50 cents in America" and all the Frenchies just went on buying it. They even sold Miller Lite! Come on, at least sell a good American beer. Still, I might go back to get the H+H bagels, I've been dying for a bagel.

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