Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cabs and Cakes

On Thursday Nina and I tried to find a birthday cake. Surprisingly, it was difficult. There are pastry shops on every corner, but very few of them have large tarts/cakes. Finally, we found one with a big chocolate cake and we told the lady we wanted to buy it. She asked if it was some one's birthday because I guess it was weird to be buying the big cake. We said yes and she was very cute and gave us 21st birthday candles and "wrapped" the box. By wrap I mean she put a very little gold ribbon on it, no big bows or anything. Anyway, we're walking home and this older Frenchman just looks at me and very seriously goes "Bon Anniversaire." Really, hardly any emotion. It was as if it was a sad occasion. So, i'm thinking the yellow ribbon is a tip off that it's a birthday/special occasion? I have no idea what it's customary to eat on your birthday here, I should find out.

On Friday the Internet man was supposed to show up between 10 and 11. By 12:25 I gave up on him...he arrived at 5pm. Anyway, after he was done installing whatever he installed I go "so does it work, can i use it?" and he goes "what, are you in a rush?" So, my Internet should work within 5 days...UGH.

I love Paris, I really do, I just wish they had more cabs. The subway closes (relatively) early on the weekends. You have to get there by 1:40 or else take a night bus or a cab. There seems to be a huge shortage of cabs. You can try and hail one, but on the weekends they are usually all taken or they won't stop for you because they're going to the taxi line to pick up people who have been waiting. So, I miss the metro last night (by two minutes, of course) and get in line to take a cab. There are 20 people in front of me. And of course there has to be a gang of drunk Irish rugby players behind me. I had to wait 35 minutes, but luckily I made friends with some Swedish girls and then a guy who was from D.C. so that made the time go by. But seriously, more cabs here would be great.

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