Sunday, October 4, 2009

La Nuit Blanche

Last night Paris had their Nuit Blanche. It's basically an art festival that lasts all night throughout certain areas of Paris. It was pretty chaotic and i feel like everything was too spread out, but it was still fun. My favorites were a man made out wire hanging in between two buildings and a light show in a Gothic church. The church was completely dark except for the light show, almost like a disco ball? but less intense. It was creepy but in a cool way. The Pompidou was open and free until 2am so we went in there too. The view from the top was so nice! You can see all of Paris, t'was lovely. Looking at modern art at 1am seemed like an awesome idea, but it really just exhausted me. There was a big exhibit on feminist art, a lot of which I didn't agree with, so it hurt my brain to think about it.

This has nothing to do with La Nuit Blanche, but I am getting obsessed with French advertising. They are just so damn odd. For instance, Orangina has these "sexy" animal adds everywhere. Why would a deer in lingerie make me want to drink Orangina?

Evian has come out with a new add campaign the includes babies on rollerblades...again, what were the ad execs thinking? "Oh, I know! Let's get mom's to give their infants bottled water. By having the babies rollerblading we'll be showing how Evian makes them strong." I mean, that's what I get out of it, anyway. So weird and crazy, but I love it.

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