Monday, October 12, 2009

Fashion Week!

I know, fashion week is over. Somehow I forgot to write about the fact that I dressed models at the Elie Saab ready to wear fashion show last week! How that slipped my mind, I have no idea because it was one of the most amazing experiences.

Some GW kids here in another program live with fashion students which is how I got to be around such expensive clothing. Alright, so we had to all show up in black (of course) and we get there and it's ridiculous. Beautiful people in amazing clothes speaking a combination of French, English, and Arabic. Each one of the dressers had a model with 2 or 3 looks. My model was Mathilde. I was hoping she wouldn't be the stereotypical bitchy model...but she was. She didn't even speak to me at first. Just sat down and put out her feet so I could put her six inch heels on. Most of the models were very sweet though.

Alright, so while the models are getting ready there is SO much press backstage. Tons of photographers. The models ate it up. They'd be on their cell phones or talking and a photographer would come up and they would just morph into model posing mode. Kind of hilarious. So while they were being hams, Elie Saab was giving interviews/posing for pictures with Dita Von Teese and Nelly Furtado. It was all very chaotic and loud, but also glamorous to be around photographers, beautiful clothes, and famous people.

The entire show took less than 3o minutes and felt like 5. My model's dresses were easy to get on and off, but her shoes were another story. Of course, they chose these ridiculous 6 inch sandals that you have to tie. First they go "tie the bow in the back" then it's "tie the bow in the front" then it's "tie the bow on the side." So, I'm literally down on the ground tying my models shoes ten different times because every two minutes someone comes over and goes "no, not like that!" Finally, they're "right" and she's ready to go...until this woman with a platinum blonde asymmetrical haircut and a crazy pirate blouse comes up to me and goes "No! NO! you just don't understand!" She showed me yet another way to tie the sandals.

I realize how important a fashion show is, but you can't help but laugh at how seriously people took it. It was as if these sandals were a matter of life or death.

It was pretty amazing to see all the models in line, techno music pumping, Elie Saab giving them the final once over before they went out and did their thing. Right before Elie Saab went out at the end of the show, his wife fixed his hair and kissed him. It was such a sweet and tender moment. So private, as if it was just the two of them.

I've posted pictures of my model, as well as a link to the entire collection. It looks so amazing in person though, the pictures don't do it justice.

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