Saturday, January 9, 2010

Paris 2010

So much for blogging while I was home! Oh well. I think what I was going to write about were my trips to Brussels and Barcelona. Barcelona was way cooler. Would not mind at all having my own vicky cristina Barcelona story there. Brussels was interesting, but everything was built by Leopold and if you've ever read King Leopold's ghost you'll get why that was creepy.

I rang in 2010 with all my Chicago lovers. We freaked out and realized that in ten years we will be 31 (gasp!) and decided to predict each other's lives then. I will be married but with no kids.

I'm back in my little studio. I sort of missed it, actually. I have a final on the 5th republic for one of my classes in French on Wednesday so until then it will be mostly studying.

I can't believe this is my second semester here! I'm going to try to do more in Paris. Don't get me wrong, I definitely feel I took advantage of living here, but sometimes I would get lazy. So, i'm hoping to do some sort of excursion every week, museum, new area, etc. Also, i am going to attempt to work out like the Parisians. By this I mean run in a park, not on the streets, it must be in one of the big parks. I may not be running in vintage lacoste tees like the rest of them, but I'm going to try to fit it. Anyway, they will totally be jealous of my Chi Omega and GW t-shirts. Finally, i'm going to try not to use my computer as much. What is this nonsense I talk of? As much as I love this little box, it is so easy to look at the clock and realize I've been wasting my time for hours. I love gchat, facebook, stupid websites, and netflix watch instantly as much as the next college student, but I'm going to try to distance myself and read more, especially in cafes.

I can't believe I get another semester here! I found myself missing Paris (don't worry Chicago, you're still number one.) Just silly things like waiting 15 minutes in 10 degree weather for the awful CTA, seeing a French movie trailer, or not being able to go out with all your friends to a bar because America has ridiculous drinking laws, made me miss this place.

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