Monday, December 14, 2009

It's been a while, oops! I will write about the last few weeks at some point, probably over winter break in CHICAGO. I love you Paris, but I need a break of the Sciences po teachers.

Today I went to le bon marché to get my secret santa (who could it be?!) his/her present...I want to live in their food store. It just makes me so happy! It's like a better version of Fox & Obel, and bigger. They probably have 100 different types of mustard. Insane! Food heaven. It's funny to be in there, splurging on something and you're next to French woman who buys her groceries there. Sigh. Today I was looking at the Christmas chocolate and this little old lady next to me probably has 50 euros worth of chocolate in her basket. She also has just come from Dior where she has a beautifully wrapped bag. Seemed like a perfectly normal Monday afternoon for her. Jealousy.

In other news...

I live around the corner from Follies Bergere, a pretty famous theater here. It's around the corner, but one of the doors leading backstage is next to my building, so there's always a lot of people around. A few weeks ago, I'm walking down my street and I hear the distinctive yelp of a seal. There were huge white trucks taking up most of the street, so I wasn't sure if I was imaging it. Then my sister points out that there is BEAR walking down my street on a leash. It was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen, very surreal. Then I see a goose. And then I see that the seals are in one of the white trucks which is filled with water, a portable pool if you will. Crazy! Turns out follies was doing a circus. Yesterday, I was sitting in my room (6th floor, remind you) and I again here the persistent squeal of a seal. I go downstairs and sure enough, the seals' truck is outside my house! Guess the French like their circuses?The poor animals made me sad. Poor things stuck inside cages all their life.

Sidenote, I've also seen a coffin being carried out of a building on my street. Very bizarre.

I will post more when I'm back in chicago...probably while i'm on the couch watching some crappy show on vh1. God, i don't even know what new trashy tv there is! Ha ha.

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